Odi Art Centre

Old National Highway 5, Barkul, Odisha 752030

Nestling on the banks of Chilika Lake in Odisha, a state in eastern India, the Odi Art Centre is developed by ‘Society for Development of Rural Literature’, a registered, non-profit, cultural Society.

The Odi Art Centre, which houses Purvasha Folk and Tribal Art Museum was inaugurated by Sh. Navin Pattnaik, Hon. Chief Minister of Odisha in 2017. The museum was built with financial assistance from Ministry of Culture, Government of India and the artefacts were partly sponsored by Department of Tourism, Government of Odisha.


The Museum Which Won the Hearts of One and All

The Museum currently exhibits the quintessential Odishan and Indian rural, folk and tribal paintings, sculptures and artefacts. It has 16 galleries with the collections that are a treat for the eyes. Rang-Manch and nine small amphitheatres exhibits live performances of rare folk and tribal arts. ODI ART organizes a weeklong Chilika Shelduck Folk Carnival every year, since 2017, starting from 9th December, to commemorate its foundation day. Come and Experience the pure, pristine culture of Odisha, in the serene environment and ethnic ambience of the Odi Art Centre.



Project Committee

Sh. Ashok Mohanty,
Sh. Bibhuti Bishoyi,
Sh. Arun Biswal

International Relations

Sh. Malay Mishra,
Sh. Abasar Behuria,
Mr. Insang Song,
Sh. Sudhir Kumar Dash

Promotion and Marketing committee

Sh. Utpal Pati, Sh. Sangram Muduli,
Sh. Sambit Tripathy,
Mrs. Jayashree Upadhyaya,
Sh. Alok Maharana

Festival & Craft Biennial committee

Uma Shankar Panigrahi,
Ms. Anita Sabat,
Sh. Debraj Mohanty,
Sh. Pratul Dash,
Sh. B. Pani,
Mrs. R. Biswal Pani,
Sh. Jagannath Panda,
Sh. Sudhanshu Sutar,
Sh. Ramakant Samantray,
Priya Ranjan Kar

Public Relations, Publication & Media Committee

Prof. J. K. Nayak,
Mr. K. K. Mohapatra,
Mr. Sangram Jena,
Mr. Akshaya Rout,
Mrs. Sadhana Rout,
Prof. Radhakant Barik,
Dr. Bhagban Prakash,
Mr. Zaheed Akhtar

Cine & Theatre Appreciation and Seminars Committee

Mr. Anant Mohapatra,
Mr. Prashant Das,
Mr. Bijay K. Mishra,
Mr. Ramesh ch. mishra,
Mr. Sunil K. Mishra,
Sh. Lalatendu Mohanty (IOB),
Sh. Swaraj Mishra Sh. Jitu mishra (Blog),
Sh. Santosh Kamilla


What They Say About Us

The vision of the Honourable CM of Odisha, whose interest is in art, culture & tourism, has been incorporated in it. Govt of India will extend all support within the framework.


Prof. Jogesh Chandra Pati

Purvasha Folk & Tribal Art Museum filled me with unusual joy and pleasure.


R K Paliwal(Income Tax Hyderabad)

Purvasha is perhaps one of the best museum depicting various art forms of Orisha as well as nearby states.


Mr. Isaac Mohanty

A rejuvinating experience to visit Odi Art Centre as the cataclysmic effect of covid still looms large upon us.


Jyoti Prakash

On my visit to Museum on occasion of 3rd Shelduck Folk Festival,I find it to be completely incredible.


Sanjay Kumar Panda(IAS)

I am extremely happy to see the museum. The way collection has been put and displayed.

What They Write About Us