ODIART and its Patrons

Institutional Patrons:

Ministry of Culture, Government of India -

Our collaborator- Rs 3 crore (For construction of civil Infrastructures, 16 galleries, Reception hall, souvenir room, library room, restaurant room, wash room, Tribal gallery)

Oil and Natural Gas

Commission, Delhi. - Rs 75 lakh (For construction of Confidence Hall, kitchen and outside platforms)

National Thermal Power Corporation- Rs. 70 lakh (For construction of Big amphitheater, six small amphitheaters, internal road, platform and gate)

Orissa Tourism Development Corporation- Rs. 50 lakh (In kind- For artefacts of brass, stone and wooden artefacts, Sarees)

National Aluminium Company- Rs. 20 lakh (For Odishan Teracotta workshop and Patta painting Workshop)

Sh. A. V. Swamy - Rs. 15 lakh (MPLAD- For construction of Gurukul Ashram)

National Mineral Development corporation- Rs. 5 lakh ( workshop on Palmleaf paintings and horn work)

SEEDs, USA. - Rs. 3.5 lakh (For sponsorship of artefacts of one gallery)

SECL - Rs 10 lakh ( for setting up Chhatisgarh Pavilion on Teracotta)

Individual Patrons

  • Sh. Parshuram Bishoi - Rs. 6 lakh ( In kind - Two acres of land)
  • Sh. Prashant Kumar Dash - Rs. 6 lakh (In kind- Two acres of land)
  • Sh. Prasana Kumar Dash - (In kind- 10 wooden masks)
  • Sh. Pradeep Kumar Acharya - Rs 1 lakh (For sponsorship of artefacts of one corridor)
  • Sh. Sudhir Kumar Dash - Rs 1 lakh (For sponsorship of artefacts of one corridor)
  • Sh. Sudhir Kumar Rout - ( In kind- All Ganjam artefacts of brass, paper mache etc)
  • Sh. Amarendra Khatua - (In kind- ( In kind-200 books and 30 Film DVDs for library)
  • Dr. Siddhant Kar- (In kind CCTV installation)
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