The main objectives of the organization is to ensure growth of the folk art And craft of the country by developing and strengthening it.

  • To revive languishing crafts, to prevent decline and promote such forms.
  • To improve the quality of life of the craftsperson of the country and to add value to their products.
  • To forecast future trends and to improve the quality of crafts.
  • To promote, develop, maintain, strengthen and ensure status of Folk art and crafts as an important medium of artistic expression.
  • To serve as an agency of co-operation between the different folk artists and to unite the folk artists with folk art lovers.
  • To offer technical assistance by training courses, workshops and financial assistance to craftspersons through the establishment of Craft Fund.
  • To disseminate knowledge by lectures, seminars, workshops and ICT enabled media etc.
  • To provide a network and fellowship among craftspersons and to ensure that they are in communication with each other.

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