Man as Maker of the God

A Journey through the Process of God Making

The artist is constantly engaged in a creative process to shape the divine form of the formless. He recreates God investing traditional skill, utilizing easily available materials and shaping the imagination by making diverse beautiful forms. The artist takes ordinary life as inspiration to create the extraordinary and exquisite forms of many Gods and Goddesses.

Odishan artisans basically imagine the unseen creator and nurturer of the cosmos as one among them and ideate godhood through their creative instincts. Barring very few of art genres in Odisha, all those traditional arts and crafts do shape Gods and Goddesses with their vehicles, ornaments, utensils, weapons, foot prints, apparels, abodes and luxuries with great aesthetic designs and patterns. Some of those godly shapes and objects are purely human and a few more are hyper imaginative. Look at the Devi idols, made in clay or paper or in cow dung, they exactly look like one among us, but there is a mystic aura distinctly inherent in it. One can also look at the monkey with a flaming tail from Subarnapur in terracotta, which invokes the raw and earthy power of mythical Hanuman from the Ramayana.

These art forms and repository of skillful crafts representing the life and creative spirit of common man. These are mythical characters taking shape in artistic figure, but they are not religious in nature. Most of these art objects are used in various rituals, but there remains a liberal sphere of human expression, which is not limited to any religion. These are the hidden cosmopolitan seeds in our folk and tribal life.

Purvasha Folk and Tribal Art Museum is a platform to preserve, promote and propagate the idea of Odisha with a drive to bring together diverse art forms and crafts of the country. It is not a mere exhibition ground or traditional museum; we intend to build up this institution to create the panoramic vision of Odishan art both in aesthetic and conceptual levels. We collect variety of art works from various parts of Odisha and showcase their grandeur and aesthetics for sensible appreciators of the arts.

Kedar Mishra

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