Competitions are held every year in the loving memory of renowned persons of the locality and prizes are sponsored by their off-springs in the following areas:Shridhar Dash memorial Jhoti competition among the House wives and the village girls for excellence inJhoti drawing drawn on the floor in rural tradition.ShyamSundar Das memorial bouquet making competitionamong girls and house wives.Gourang Ch. Roy Memorial book review competition among village men and women, who make the best review of any book.Ram Chandra Acharya memorial devotional music competition for devotional music among village boys and girls.UpendraSamantsinghar memorial Geeta Competition for recitation of Geeta among village boys and girlsJagannathMohanty memorial drawing competition among village boys and girls, Maguni Ch. Dube Memorial Debate Competition among senior boys and girls, Jagannath Dash Memorial debate competition among junior boys and girls, BirabarSahu Memorial award for the student scoring highest mark in Beenapani High school in HSC Exam.

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