The Society has instituted several awards to recognize the contributions of eminent persons in different fields. The awards conferred on different persons are as follows:

Gramashree Samman

This is awarded every year for outstanding contribution by a person for the development of villages and the winners are: Prof. Dr. Brahmananda Acharya for his outstanding contribution and generosity in providing free medical treatment to the villagers. Shri Suresh Chandra Jena, a banker for providing encouragement to the villagers to use the banking facilities.

Konark Samman

This award is given every year in the following three fields: For outstanding contribution in popularising Oriya literature - Prof St Paul Pierre (retd) Montreal university is the first recipient for his assistance in translation from Oriya to English.For outstanding rural leadership- MrBiswanathpattnaik, the Koraput Gandhi is the first recipient.For outstanding contribution for leadership in rural education - ShrimatiRenuDandekar of Maharastra is the first recipientProf Hermann Kulke was given the last Konark Award.


Pujya puja ceremony
On Teacher's Day every year, a senior retired teacher of the state is honoured in the presence of all teachers and his contribution in character building of the students and his experience as a teacher is shared with others.

Prafulla Samman to Best student of the district in HSC Exam
Since the library is set up in the name of a brilliant student of the locality, the student securing the highest mark in the district is given PrafullaSamman in presence of all the students within the premises of the library.

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