About the Society

Society for Development of Rural Literature is a non-profit, cultural society, registered in 1993-94, under Society Registration Act, Odisha. The society is dedicated to promote the cultural heritage of Odisha and is setting up Purvasha Folk and Tribal Art Museum, ODIART Centre for Research and Documentation Centre. It is also organising Chilika Shelduck Folk Carnival 2017.

Purvasha Folk and Tribal Art Museum is the museum wing of the society.It seeks to showcases the various Folk and Tribal atr forms of Odisha in its sixteen galleries.Being located in chilika,it also seeks to showcase the beauty of Chilika.

Purvasha Folk and Tribal Art Museum is set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and Ministry of Tourism, Government of Odisha, Odisha Tourism Development Corporation, Govt. of Odisha.


The main objects for which Society has been set up are: promotion and preservation of art and culture, spread of rural public libraries and publishing books on culture, spreading literacy and computer literacy in villages, aid and counseling to meritorious village students, promotion of sports and culture among youth in villages.


The society has got four branches:

  • Publication wing under the imprint Prafulla
  • Folk and Tribal art Museum under name and style, Purvasha Folk and Tribal Art Museum for preservation and promotion of culture
  • Cultural Wing and Social Service wing
  • Library wing under name, Prafulla Pathagar

ODIART Documentation and Research Centre

The objective is to act as a catalyst for economic opportunities of the folk artists and be a trendsetter for traditional designs. It showcases the traditional folk and tribal arts of Odisha. The complex at Barakul houses 'Purvasha'- the museum of visual art; 'Rang Manch' - the theatre and performing arts centre; 'Prafulla'- the library, ODIART Documentation and Research Centre; 'Kala kruti' the Art Centre 'Gurukul'- the training centre for visual & performing arts and 'Santusti'- the restaurant for serving authentic Odia Cuisine.

About the Shelduck Folk Carnival 2017

Odisha is a land, rich with beautiful landscape and vibrant cultural diversities. Chilika lagoon- a synthesis of brackish, saline and sweet water shiningly symbolises the rich diversity of Odishan culture and for ages Chilika has remained a source of inspiration for poets, writers and creative artistes.

Drawing inspiration from the lagoon, and its legendary bird shelduck, the society plans to showcase art in its most pristine form. Around fifty folk troupes from all over the country will be performing in this event, expressing the cultural multitude of India. Come and join us in celebrating the multi faceted beauty of Odisha and enjoy the typical Chilika cuisines.

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